The Pull List – 2015

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The eternal dilemma of the comic reader: do I buy issue by issue? Or do I wait for the trade? (The budgetarily kind, shelf-space-saver compilation that comes out about half a year later – assuming the series does well enough to justify it, that is.) For me, generally, I do like to wait for trades – what can I say, I enjoy binge reading – but with some series, the wait is just too agonizing to bear, and so I end up pouncing on each new issue like a lion on a gazelle. But of course, then the problem is, the list of what I *have* to buy issue to issue seems to keep growing…

So here are the series I most definitely will be running out to my comic shop to buy each and every issue of this year:

Rocket Girl

Rocket Girl #6

It’s been a long, hard wait for this series to return – issue #5 came out May 21, 2014, and now #6 is finally set to hit shelves May 2015 – but I do honestly believe this retro futuristic slash futuristic retro series is well worth the wait. 

Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada

Oh my god, this quiet little book, it just gets me where I live. The story of a boy and a girl (who happens to be an illegal A.I.) who fall in love – it’s simple, personal, impossible, and utterly brilliant.



When I was at Comic-con this past year, I had the chance to chat with Marjorie Liu for a few minutes – and at the time I literally told her I hoped she’d do a series with Image one day. And as it turns out, I didn’t have to wait long – because look, here it is! The story of a girl and her monster, set in 1900’s Asia, no less – needless to say, I love it already. 

DC’s Convergence: Batgirl

Convergence Batgirl

Two words: Cassie Cain! So if you’re a DC fan, you know that come April, the latest miniseries event is set to arrive – Convergence, which is basically a big McGuffin-y excuse to bring back bits and pieces of the old continuity (i.e. everything that got wiped out during the new 52 reboot). And happily, that includes none other than my favorite Batgirl, Cassandra Cain! (Who has been MIA for years, aside from a brief cameo in Future’s End.) (And why DC could somehow manage to have four Robins simultaneously in the new continuity, but apparently felt there could be only one Batgirl, is anyone’s guess.) So while yes, Cassie is not claiming the Batgirl moniker this time around – Stephanie Brown, another Batgirl we all know and love, will be reclaiming the title – I still am doing a highly undignified happy dance, because the fact that they’re in it together only makes it all even better. I’ve always loved the friendship between Steph and Cassie, and I cannot WAIT to see them in action. Together again!

DC’s Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle

Convergence Nightwing Oracle

And speaking of joyous reunions- Wait, you hear that? That’s the sound of DC shippers round the globe swooning, because at long last, everyone’s favorite Bat couple, Babs and Dick (aka Oracle and Nightwing), will be together again, pre-52 style – as if Oracle’s return alone wasn’t enough. So how long have we fans been waiting for this? Well, let me put it this way – I think the last time this pair went on a date was Birds of Prey #8, back in 1999… And it’s all happening in a story written by Gail Simone, no less. Why yes, please.


Grayson #6

And speaking of Dick, back in the new 52 – this is one of those series I kind of let simmer for a bit before I jumped in, but after the back to back raves for the Grayson Future’s End story and Grayson #6, I knew it was time to take the plunge – and wow, everyone was right. Without question, this series has become a must-read for me – though really, they pretty much had me at Dick Grayson. And not only is the boy looking fine, but this book is also smart, kinetic, and insanely fun. I mean, superhero spy shenanigans – what’s not to like?

Honorable Mentions

And then here lie the books I also very much enjoy, but am really, really going to try and wait to buy as trades. (Talk about an exercise in willpower.) (Yeah, we’ll see how long I last…)

Comics to buy threefer

Comics to buy threefer 2

So as you can see, it’s already not a short list – and the year has only just begun!

Yep, I’m in trouble. Happy, happy trouble…