About the Yurt

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Our Mission

To slog through the plotholes so you don’t have to.

With one foot in the world of book lovers and one in the world of Hollywood, we do this for one reason and one reason only: to find good stories. Period. Full stop. Bar none. Be they on the page or the screen, shelved as Children’s, YA, or Adult, categorized as science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, new weird, mysteries, thrillers, non-fiction, contemporary, what have you – it doesn’t matter to us. We’re just here to give you the story.


Q: What is your review policy?

We have only one hard and fast rule: we only review the books we finish. So if we can’t get through it, we won’t review it.

Q: What IS a yurt?

Less than a house and more than a tent. It’s mobile, and usually has a wood lattice frame – a design based on the traditional homes of nomads who live on the steppes of Central Asia, known as ger.

We think it’s the perfect place for reading. You know you want one.