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Back in March when Kim Harrison was promoting Black Magic Sanction, she stopped by the Barnes and Noble boards for a quick chat about all things Hollows. For those of you who missed it, I’ve pulled  the best from the Q&A, and you can find the full transcript at the link below. Enjoy!


Q: Kim, what’s the current prediction as to how many novels will encompass your Rachel Morgan saga? And do you already have a conclusion in your head?

KH: I’ve got a great editor who knows that it’s hard for me to intelligently guess how many books it’s going to take to get to where I want to be, so the latest contract has three more Hollows plus a floater that might be Hollows, might not.  That is a total of 12 to 13, and it’s been my decision to end the Hollows there.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do after the Hollows, but I’ve got three ideas I want to play with in the meantime, and a Hollows spinoff might be in the works.  For Rachel, though, her story ends.  I’ve had the last scene in my mind for several years, but it’s only recently (last month or so) that I’ve set myself on how to get there.  -grin-  It’s going to be good.

Q: Any projects in the works to get Rachel on television or in a motion picture? If so, is there an actress that just seems like the perfect Rachel, or Ivy?

KH: I get asked this one a lot.  We get inquiries here and there, and we’re holding on to the game rights because they usually go with the move rights.  Nothing solid, but we aren’t going to let them go unless there is some assurance that the move/serial will actually be made.  The Hollows might be too complex, character wise, to easily shove into a mold Hollywood is comfortable marketing.  So if it happens, I will be delighted, and will share all my “candy making secrets” with whoever is going to develop it in the hopes that however they twist the story, they keep the integrity of the characters themselves.  And if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too.

Q: Does Al care about Rachel in a student-teacher or a lover-to-be lover way?

KH: That’s a good question about Al.  I don’t think he knows for sure himself.  I have written a couple of scenes that I despise Al for.  (not on the shelf yet)  He’s a fluid character right now, and I’m watching him closely for insight into the makeup of demons.

Q: On a lot of the various forums there has been some speculation about what Al’s true form is, what he really looks like.  Some think it was the form he used to scare his gargoyle.  Can you confirm that this big black creature was what Al truly looks like when he isn’t using magic to change his appearance?  Or is a demon’s true form a human type form, like a witch (since witches evolved from demons)?

I wish I could answer you on this, but I’m not sure myself.  Al doesn’t know, either, and it’s bothering him.  It’s sort of like a person sitting down and drawing himself.  You sort of forget.  One of my series goals is to find out what Al looks like.  I have a few ideas, but I don’t think the devil he scared Treble with is it.

Q: Will there be more of Lee and Nick again in the next book? (Or later on?) More peeks into the ever-after and demon society?

KH: Yes!  I’ve made it no secret that Nick is in BMS, and that I was disgusted when he managed to slip away when I wanted him to end up in jail somewhere.  He will be back.  I thought I was angry at him before, but now I’m ticked.  I want to do an entire book in the ever-after, so yes, we’ll see more demons.

Q: I would never have pitched the two of them as a couple, but love the Ivy and Glen thing. Will we be seeing more for them as a couple? And will we be seeing more of Keasley?

KH:  Ivy and Glenn is an important part of Ivy’s growth as a person, a way for her to prove that she can be with someone and not hurt them.  Whether it’s a life partner choice or not, I don’t know.  It’s only been a few months, and no one is talking about picking out curtains. I’d like to see Keasley more, but he’s being reticent.  I wouldn’t count him out.

Q: Are Pierce and Rachel going to stay together?

KH: Pierce and Rachel.  Still trying to figure that one out . . .  How many books do I have left? -laugh-

Q: How are things going with David and his new pack?  Are the other females accepting Rachel as the female alpha? Will she want to stay a member of the pack since David doesn’t really need her anymore?

KH: I think David has way too much class to let Rachel leave his pack just because he doesn’t need her anymore.  If anything, he’s going to be more protective of her, I think.  I’d love to get back to the red wolf, but the Weres are being elusive, as Weres tend to be.  I just wish she’d get her pack tattoo.  I drew one for her.  It’s time for her to get it.

Q: Will Trent and Rachel ever be a couple?

KH: Trent and Rachel together?  I’ve had a lot of people ask me that.  I’ve never seen that kind of chemistry between them, but to decide it, I put them both in a car and sent them out west.  I figured if something was going to happen, it would happen then.  The book is written, and I’m not telling what happened.  You’re going to have to wait!  -evil author laugh-

Q: With Nick’s extra demon mark coming to light in this book courtesy of Oscar…. are we looking at the potential for a big bad coming out of the wood work that would cause a large show down?

KH: There is a big-bad-ugly coming.  Al is starting to become more understandable, and has lost his punch as a bad guy.  No hints from me as to where this new antagonist is coming from. ;-)

Q: What drew me into the Hollows was the relationship that Rachel & Ivy shared…but now there’s “space” in BMS.  Even though Rachel admits she has more than a sisterly love for Ivy but she thinks it doesn’t mean anything because she won’t pursue it.  With that being said I still am hopeful that they’ll end up together in the end, so my question for you is….is there still hope that Rachel & Ivy will get together in future books?

KH: Watching Ivy and Rachel figure things out has been a big reason I get to the keyboard every day, and you’re right in that there is space between them now.  Both ladies need to look at their options to be sure of what they want.  If they come back together, then it is right and fitting.  If they don’t, then it was meant to be this way.  I don’t know how it’s going to end, but I’m working for HEAs for both of them, whether it be together or apart.  I wish I had more of an answer for you.

Q: Is the fairy that was left as a sentry in her garden a girl? and how long will it take Jenks to find the sentry?

KH: The fairy sentry was a girl.  And Jenks finds her.  More than that, I’m not saying.  -grin-

Q:  Why didn’t the cheese sandwich taste like burnt amber?

KH: I’ve no idea.  My editor asked the same question.  Must be a cheese thing.

Q: I know Jax is on his own now, but will we see a reconciliation between he and Jenks?

KH: Gosh, I hope so, but don’t count on it.  Jax shows up again, and it’s not pleasant.

Q: Did Trent have a crush on Rachel when they were kids?

KH: I think he did.  Either that, or his dad told him to stay away from her, which means he wanted to know why.

KH: It’s been fun!  And thank you everyone for the fabulous questions. Until next time, I can be found at my Drama Box, where I will gladly answer your questions.  Ah, no spoilers there yet, please. –Kim

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