Daniel X: Demons and Druids – advanced look

The latest in James Patterson’s Daniel X series isn’t out until July 26, but now you can read part one online here:



Daniel X’s hunt to eliminate each and every intergalactic criminal on Earth is always relentless, but this time, it’s getting personal. Number Three on the List of Alien Outlaws takes the form of raging, soul—possessing fire. And fire transports Daniel back to the most traumatic event of his life—the death of his parents.

In the face of his “kryptonite”, Daniel struggles with his extraordinary powers like never before, and more than ever is at stake: his best friends are in grave peril. The only way to save them is to travel back—through a hole in time—to the demon’s arrival during the Dark Ages. Rip-roaring action and humor sets the pages afire in this gripping time-travel adventure with an Arthurian cast—and countless other surprises!

Fantasy Boook Critic says (of the series):

When readers pick up a James Patterson novel, it’s not for in-depth characterization, detailed worldbuilding, poetic prose, or thought-provoking examinations. They pick up a James Patterson novel because they are accessible, fun to read, and above all, entertaining. In “The Dangerous Days of Daniel X”, the author continues his winning formula, and even though the book is tailored more to the preteen crowd, I have no doubt that James Patterson’s latest will be another runaway success…


Nights and Weekends says (of Daniel X: Watch the Skies):

While the plot is action-packed and clever, it’s the extra stuff that makes it so much fun to read. The story is loaded with pop-culture references that readers of all ages will appreciate—from the latest music and gadgets  to classic literature and ‘70s rock (and, in the comical opening scene, even a little bit of disco). And pre-teen boys, especially, will love the silly scenes and the creepy aliens.


You can enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win the entire series here: