The BBC’s novel fall – Parade’s End, The Secrets of Crickley Hall

For those of us who can’t resist a British accent, the BBC has released a pair of teaser trailers to whet our appetites for their upcoming fall slate, which includes shows such as The Secrets of Crickley Hall (based on the novel by James Herbert) and Parade’s End (based on the novels by Ford Maddox Ford), among others – and of those others, there are two in particular I am very interested to see: a period detective drama, Ripper Street, and Hunted, a spy show with a delicious MI-5 vibe. Take a look:

And of the above, these two have been lucky enough to be given a trailer all their own:

The Secrets of Crickley Hall


Not bad, eh? So keep an eye on BBC America and PBS this autumn – it seems there are many good things still to come…