Sherlock, series 3 – teaser

Sherlock S2 2

So this is just a wink and a nod, really – and I find myself sincerely hoping Watson unloads a punch on Sherlock’s jaw when he makes his grand re-entrance – but as most of you know, Moffat and Gattis dropped three hints last year as to what the new episodes are about: rat, wedding, and bow. And of the wedding episode, I can tell you this – I was actually at the Sherlock panel at Comic-con this year, where they aired a clip from none other than the wedding episode, and let me tell you, Sherlock as best man? Priceless. (Seriously, I laughed so hard I almost fell over.) Oooh, this is going to be good…

There’s no UK airdate set as of yet – the general plan is to air it late 2013 or early 2014 – but Sherlock will return to PBS in 2014.