Largo Winch, I & II – trailers

Honestly I’d never heard of Largo Winch before today, but it turns out it’s a graphic novel series that is hugely popular in Europe, so popular in fact that it has been turned into a big glossy action flick that is just now spawning a sequel. Who knew?

So will this be a slick action thriller with Bruckheimer type appeal, or just another European fad that never quite makes it across the pond? Your guess is as good as mine…

Interestingly enough, Kristen Scott Thomas is in the first film:

And Sharon Stone is in the second:

No word yet on when either of these will hit U.S. shores…

The Heir (Largo Winch, vol 1) Description:

Largo Winczlav, born in Yugoslavia, is an orphan. Thousands of miles away, one of the richest men in the world will change Largo’s destiny. This man, Nerio Winch, wants to find an heir to his empire and adopts Largo, offering him the best education. When his adoptive father disappears under dramatic circumstances, Largo inherits the W Group, the biggest conglomerate of multinational enterprises ever possessed and managed by a single man. From now on, he will be worth $10 billion. Which is not to everybody’s taste, as he is about to find out.