Starz high on Twilight Eyes limited series

From Deadline – After over a decade away, Dean Koontz might finally be returning to the small screen. Starz is close to forging ahead on their first original limited series – an adaptation of Twilight Eyes, a novel by Koontz. Story follows Slim MacKenzie, a man whose unusual eyes aid him in hunting monsters that have the ability to mimic human beings. Published back in 1985, the story will be updated to the present day.

Dean Koontz’s old agent, Rob Lee, was the force behind the project – recalling that Koontz had once shown interest in a 6 to 8 hour adaptation of Twilight Eyes back in the 90’s, Lee (who now heads Bayonne Entertainment) brought in Stephen Tolkin (the writer behind earlier Koontz adaptations Intensity and Mr. Murder) and took the pitch to Koontz, who came on board as an executive producer. Lee then shopped the project to premium cable, and Starz snapped it up, committing to a premium development deal.

Starz is said to be very high on the project – and without the limits of network standards, this limited series can be just as dark and edgy as any Koontz fan would wish.

Book Jacket:

Slim MacKenzie is no ordinary man. With eyes the color of twilight, he’s been blessed with a psychic gift: premonitions. He’s also been cursed, for Slim can see the monsters hiding among us, feeding on our suffering.

And when Slim joins a traveling carnival seeking sanctuary, what he’ll find is a hunting ground – with humanity as the prey.