Sony to remake The Robber (Der Rauber)

From Variety – Sony has acquired the English-language remake rights to Austrian helmer Benjamin Heisenberg’s The Robber, a feature based on Martin Prinz’s novel, Der Rauber (On The Run in English markets). Der Rauber recounts the real-life story of marathon runner Johann Rettenberger, known as “Pump-gun Ronnie,” who made a hobby of robbing banks. Deal was a low-figure development buy for Sony; Laura Ziskin will produc the remake. No word yet on who will direct.

Book Description:

A crime novel with a difference. In the 1980s the bankrobber Johann Rettenberger was the most wanted criminal in Austria. Known as Pumpgun Ronnie due to his weapon and the Ronald Reagan mask he wore for his robberies, he sometimes robbed two or three banks on the same day. Unusually for a bankrobber, he was also a keen amateur marathon runner and had won several races. He jumped out of a window during questioning and escaped by running into the Vienna Woods. On the Run is a novel about a man for whom running is of existential importance. He only seems to feel truly alive, truly himself, truly free when he is running.