FX orders Powers pilot

It’s official – Powers, FX’s long gestating superhero series, is finally getting off the ground. Based on the comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Powers has been in development at FX for years; it finally earned a pilot order this season in no small part thanks to Charles H. Eglee (DexterThe ShieldDark Angel), who was brought on to write and produce. David Engel will also produce, and TV vet Michael Dinner (Justified, Bionic Women) is set to direct the pilot.

Story revolves around homicide detectives who investigate cases linked to people with extraordinary abilities.

Finally a superhero show worth watching!

Powers (vol 1) Description:

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city streets below, Homicide Detective Christian Walker does his job. Walker has to investigate the shocking murder of one of the most popular super-heroes the world has ever known: Retro Girl. He is teamed up with spunky rookie Detective Deena Pilgrim, and the murder investigation takes them from the seediest underbelly a city has to offer, to the gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings. As shocking, hidden truths about Retro Girl come to light, Walker finds that to solve this crime, he might have to reveal his own dark secret.