First Look at Case Histories

I am supremely jealous of everyone in the U.K. right now, because as of tomorrow they get to feast their eyes on Case Histories, the BBC’s new crime drama starring Jason Isaacs. And while I would happily watch Jason Isaacs read from a phone book, it gets even better – the series is based on the critically acclaimed novels by Kate Atkinson, and was adapted by none other than Ashley Pharoah, half of the duo behind the original Life on Mars (which is an AMAZING show). Will someone please hurry up and bring this one across the pond!

Book Jacket:

Investigating other people’s tragedies and cock-ups and misfortunes was all he knew. He was used to being a voyeur, the outsider looking in, and nothing, but nothing, that anyone did surprised him any more. Yet despite everything he’d seen and done, inside Jackson there remained a belief — a small, battered and bruised belief — that his job was to help people be good rather than punish them for being bad.

Cambridge is sweltering, during an unusually hot summer. To Jackson Brodie, former police inspector turned private investigator, the world consists of one accounting sheet — Lost on the left, Found on the right — and the two never seem to balance.

Jackson has never felt at home in Cambridge, and has a failed marriage to prove it. Surrounded by death, intrigue and misfortune, his own life haunted by a family tragedy, he attempts to unravel three disparate case histories and begins to realise that in spite of apparent diversity, everything is connected…

Winner of the Saltire Book of the Year Award and the Prix Westminster.

You can read an excerpt here.