Grimm (pilot) – review


There is zero magic to be found in this show.

The premise you can pretty much guess from the title: a cop suddenly is able to see the fairy tale creatures that inhabit our modern day world because he is one of the last descendants of the Brothers Grimm.

Let’s all take a moment to wince at that ridiculously tired premise.

It doesn’t take a Grimm to see through this show’s paper thin genre veneer to the generic and fairly inane cop show lurking underneath. Worse, the creative forces behind this series seem to think that the use of cool make-up effects somehow excuses them from the need to construct a compelling plot. I mean, the leading man, Nick, basically solves the case only because someone leads him – literally! – to the killer. And don’t even get me started on Nick’s complete lack of personality…

I’m actually a little in awe of just how many tropes they managed to stuff into one hour of television. Buddy cops, check. Case of the week, check. Fairy tales in real life, check. Mysterious heritage, check. The ability to see the unseen, check. Bad things lurking in the dark, check. Important Book of Knowledge, check. Ridiculous use of archaic weapons, check. (I mean, seriously? You have a creature go after someone with a SCYTHE? Because no one would notice a guy carrying one of those down the street…Plus I love how easy it is for Nick to use his newfangled gun to shoot the scary creatures – but ahem, you’re supposed to be overcome by the dark lighting and moody music! Be afraid, be very afraid! Here be SCARY creatures! Just, er, stock plenty of knives and leave your guns at home!) But you can’t make a show out of tropes alone – and sadly Grimm really has nothing else.

So it all comes down to this: NBC ignored all the fabulous Urban Fantasy books in the world and instead served up this bland mush of forgettable dreck. (And you thought the Night Stalker remake was bad…) And now I’m going to go re-read Holly Black’s Valiant or watch some Buffy to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Grimm premieres Friday, October 28 on NBC.