BBC One brings The Borrowers to TV

Mary Norton’s classic children’s story is having a big year – not only is it the basis for an upcoming animated feature from Studio Ghibli, now it has also been adapted into a live-action TV movie for BBC One and Working Title Television. Penned by Ben Vanstone (Merlin), the TV version updates the story for the twenty-first century, and stars none other than Stephen Fry, Christopher Eccleston, Victoria Wood, Sharon Horgan, Robert Sheehan and Aisling Loftus. 

You can see a brief peek of the the movie (mostly a short bit of Stephen Fry as the Professor determined to expose the little people to the public) in this sizzle reel for BBC One’s winter offerings – The Borrowers peek is just past the minute mark:

And here’s a story description from the BBC:

Arrietty sneaks upstairs one night and befriends James, a lonely boy who lives above her in the house with his Grandmother and widowed father. Times are hard for James’ family: the death of his mother seems to have left a gaping hole in the family, and meanwhile, his father is unable to find work and they are in danger of losing their house. The discovery of Arrietty provides James with a welcome distraction from all of this, and he is delighted to have someone to play with.

However when the Borrowers’ hidden home is discovered by James’ formidable Grandmother, they are forced to abandon it and venture into the wide world.

For the UK, The Borrowers airs this Christmas on BBC One – no word yet on when we’ll see it States-side (but I suspect the animated movie will arrive first).