A Chinese Fairy Tale – extended look

From Film Smash – Seven minutes of Wilson Yip’s upcoming film, A Chinese Fairy Tale, have been released online, and I have to say this film looks like one big ball of wacky Chinese fun. Even more tantalizing, at the very end of this clip we get a peek at what look to be some amazing fight scenes – but of course, we’d expect nothing less from the director of Ip Man.

Based on the classic short story in Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese StudioA Chinese Ghost Story follows a lowly tax collector as he encounters and falls in love with a beautiful ghost, but to be with her, he must face down a soul-sucking demon sect.

As much fun as this film looks, when all is said and done I think my all time favorite film adaptation of an Asian ghost story will still be Japan’s Kwaidan (a Cannes Jury Special Prize winner back in 1964).