The weekly web ramble (8/19)

Links from the web jungle


– Check out these supremely awesome Harry Potter word posters

– Speaking of Harry Pottery, Publishers Weekly gives us a peek at the new Pottermore 

– From World Con, the 2011 Hugo Award Winners

– And Flavorwire has a top ten list of Film Critics’ favorite Chick Lit adaptations


– It was a roller-coaster ride for fans of Rick Yancy‘s Monstrumologist series this week: first came Rick’s sad announcement of the death of the Monstrumology series, but then, after only a weeks worth of fan protests, Simon and Schuster brought the series back to life. Here’s Rick response via Facebook:

A week ago I stumbled across a blog I had never heard of before, called “Stephanie Reads.” The title of the entry was “My Quest to Save the Monstrumologist.” Stephanie had read the sad news here that the publisher had decided not to offer a contract for any more books, effectively ending the series. Touched by her gesture of starting a write-in campaign to save the series – and knowing in my heart it was folly – I contacted Stephanie and told her I would happy to sign the copies she planned to give away as part of the campaign. “A quixotic quest,” I called her efforts – but she was passionate about these books and I wouldn’t dream of trying to stop her. I just wanted her to understand that in her “quest” would most likely be in vain. She wrote back saying hopeless causes are sometimes the ones most worth fighting for and forged ahead. Neither of us anticipated the outpouring of support in the book-loving community – even from folks who had never read the Monstrumologist books (or even heard of them!). In the past week, I’ve received so many emails and tweets and messages here – expressing sorrow, anger, outrage – but as I’ve said over and over, this situation was not about me or my crazy choice in careers; it was about the books and the characters and about the unique bond between a reader, a writer, and the world they share between them. Books matter. And people believe they are worth fighting for. It gives me great pleasure to admit I underestimated the power of this bond we share with the written word. I have just received confirmation that one week after the campaign began, Simon & Schuster has reversed its decision and will publish the fourth volume of Will Henry’s journals. Monstrumology lives. I didn’t bring it back to life – so don’t congratulate me. Toast yourselves, honorary monstrumologists, for YOU did it. In the words of Eliot Ness, “Never stop. Never stop fighting till the fight is done. Here endeth the lesson.” Quixotic quest?? I stand corrected.

Marissa Meyer (author of the upcoming Cinder) gives us A Brief History of Fictional Cyborgs

Anna Sheehan (author of A Long, Long Sleep) talks modern technology

Gretchen McNeil (author of Possess) and Agent Ginger Clark interview each other


– Read an excerpt from Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

– Check out White Lines on a Green Field, a new short story from Catherynne M. Valente

– Read an excerpt from Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

– Check out an excerpt from The Apothecary by Maile Meloy

– Read an excerpt from Kathy Reichs‘ latest Temperance Brennan Novel, Flash and Bones