The weekly web ramble (1/14)

Our weekly trundle through the tweetverse and blogosphere


– An unpublished Dashiell Hammet story finally sees the light, this Feb 28th in Strand Magazine

Dashiell Hammet‘s hard boiled lifefrom bestseller to blacklist


Ilona Andrews on how long the Kate Daniels series will run

Orson Scott Card‘s five favorite space novels

Saundra Mitchell on book piracy

– Ally Carter explains how books get made into movies

Neil Gaiman on Hollywood (an oldie but a goodie)

Maria V. Snyder on Inside Out

– An early, early J.K. Rowling interview, just before book 2 came out:

Meet Douglas Hulick, author of the upcoming Among Thieves, a book about:

The story takes place in Ildrecca, the capital city of a Byzantine-esque empire. Think Constantinople in the early Renaissance if it had never fallen to the Turks for an idea of the feel. Now add a bit of magic, and put most of the action in the back streets and alleys. The protagonists and villains are criminals; not street-thugs, but parts of larger criminal organizations. So now you have various competing mobs in something like Constantinople–although it isn’t, really–with magic and swords. And religion. And history. Oh, and the empire has an elite group of swordsmen who specialize in taking out criminal organizations–they’re in there, too.


– Read the first 50 pages of Bloodshoot by Cherie Priest, which hits shelves 1/25

– Read the first chapter of River Marked, Patricia Briggs‘ upcoming Mercy Thompson novel

– Take a peek at the first chapter of Rick Riordan‘s upcoming Kane Chronicles #2: The Throne of Fire

– Check out Unbalanced, a brand new Walt Longmire short story from Craig Johnson

It’s a bitterly cold night and Walt is headed for the airport in Billings, Montana, to pick up his daughter, Cady. He stops for gas (keeping the engine running, naturally) and picks up an unusual passenger.

Kim Harrison gives us Chapter Two of Pale Demon

– Read the first three chapters of Paul McAuley‘s Cowboy Angels