Byrt’s weekly blog ramble (9/17)

Byrt’s weekly ramble through the blogosphere


– Is there an unconscious gender bias in the literary world? Meghan O’Rourke discusses at Slate

Neil Gaiman is one of the many celebrities taking part in TwitChange

TwitChange is a celebrity Twitter auction (you can bid for celebrities to mention/retweet/follow you on Twitter) raising money for, a charity that builds permanent housing for Haitian orphans

Neil’s Mega-package also includes a phone call from Neil, who will read you a poem or short story – you can bid here

(Other author-ish celebrities taking part – Stephen Fry, Nathan Fillion and Levar Burton)

China Mieville responds to James Cameron’s Piranha 3D rant:

James Cameron said:

[Piranha 3D] is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3D. Because it just cheapens the medium

China’s response:

Purveyor of Blue Pocahontas in the Skyrealms of Jorune is right. Won’t somebody please think of the dignity of highly profitable commodities?

Nothing so sullies haute kitsch as low camp.


Rhys Bowen shares Royal tea recipes

Mercedes Lackey blogs about the music she writes to

Janet Evanovich talks Wicked Appetite

Stacia Kane discusses her Downside seres

Cassandra Clare is holding a Q&A session at Goodreads, starting Sept 18


Bitter Grounds by Neil Gaiman (originally from Nalo Hopkinson’s Mojo: Conjure Stories, and later in Fragile Things)

Fare Thee Well by Cathy Clamp