Byrt’s weekly blog ramble (9/10)


The controversy surrounding the true meaning of Shel Silverstein‘s The Giving Tree

Gail Carriger refers us to Merriam-Webster, so we know how to properly address multiple cephalopods :)

– Merriam-Webster also has a fabulous entry on the unknown origin of the word Posh

– On Content, Execution and the Future of Genre, Robert Jackson Bennett via Orbit Books Blog

– The NYTimes starts a new Sci Fi book review column – check out Jeff VanderMeer‘s reviews

– Literary inspiration for your next tatoo

The Word Made Flesh – book trailer from Tattoolit on Vimeo.

Robin McKinley points out an amusing map of the creative process


Gail Carriger is everywhere this week! She’s a Book Lover, gets cozy at Steamed! And has virtual tea with Kevin Hearne

– Mira Grant, zombie author extraordinaire, teaches us all how to make Brain Cupcakes!!!

Kim Harrison on her alter ego Dawn Cook

– Rhys Bowen on her latest book Royal Blood and more

Naomi Novik on fanfic, dragons, and what’s up next for Temeraire