Byrt’s weekly blog ramble (10/8)

Our weekly trundle through the blogosphere


– One teacher’s story of fighting book censorship and how it ruined her career

– The ACLU reads science fiction to prepare for the legal battles of tomorrow

– A smidgen of controversy surrounding Neil GaimanDebbie Reese called out Neil on something he said during a 2008 interview, Neil responds on his blog.


Ilona Andrewstake on a school banning Richelle Mead’s books before she’s even written them

Guillermo del Torro on the culture significance of monsters, the vampire trend, and more

Cherie Priest explains how pornography and war helped birth her steampunk world

Scott Westerfeld on his Istanbul clankers

Maria V. Snyder talks about the weather


Chapter three of A Glimpse of Darkness by Lucy A. Snyder is up

– River of Souls by Beth Bernobich – a short short at, introducing a new author

The Cage by A.M. Dellamonica – another short story at introducing another new author