Byrt’s weekly blog ramble (10/1)

Our weekly web finds.


- Ellen Hopkins on her anti-censorship manifesto at Huffington Post

- Kelly Meding talks about writing

- Cherie Priest on Steampunk

- Lev Grossman interviews Paolo Bacigalupi

- Jennifer Rardin tributes and giveaways

- Elmore Leonard talks about his latest, Djibouti

- Lauren Oliver talks Before I Fall


- Elizabeth Moon posts her short, Those Who Walk in Darkness

Those Who Walk In Darkness was written at the same time as Oath of Gold, and published in the now out-of-print Baen collections Lunar Activity (1990)and Phases

- Ilona Andrews posts a snippet from Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5)

It picks up  where the sneek peek at the end of Bayou Moon leaves off

- The Dungeon Master by Sam Lipstye – from The New Yorker

A short story about a group of teenagers who roleplay with a creepy, autocratic D.M. This hilarious but jarring story illustrates how totally arbitrary dungeon-mastering can ruin a game

- A Glimpse of DarknessChatper One by Lara Adrian and Chapter Two by Harry Connolly

A Glimpse of Darkness is Random House Publishing Group’s first fan-driven, multi-authored, chain story, where readers have the chance to decide the outcome of a wholly original paranormal story by Lara Adrian, Harry Connolly, Kelly Meding, Stacia Kane, and Lucy A. Snyder.

- The first chapter of Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brian Sanderson

Have a good weekend everybody!