The Wondercon Report, 2018

For me, Wondercon is always the beginning of The Season – the geekfanfest season, that is. And as always, it brings a first peek at all the goodies awaiting us in the coming months – so here are the particular comics and manga that caught my eye (and incited drool) this past weekend:

I mean, it’s by Gail Simone. For me, that’s really all I needed to hear – but then Gail herself went so far as to say, Domino is the most Birds of Prey-like thing she’s done since Birds of Prey. (Birds of Prey being the gateway drug for so many comics nerds, myself included.) Needless to say, I pre-ordered it .0035 seconds later.

From the author of A Silent Voice, To Your Eternity is a lush fantasy epic about a boy and his wolf – and the adjective I most heard employed was, gorgeous.

A comic described as: “a story about mothers, daughters, frenemies, and fistfights…with Canadian dudes in spaceships.” Sounds kind of like femme Firefly, no?

This one is a puzzle. It’s a series that people keep talking about, but no one ever seems able to describe, exactly – visually stunning, but narratively a bit obtuse, is word on the street. But enough people have brought it up that I’m curious enough to try – plus this one also has a popular anime adaptation (streaming on Amazon prime), if you’re so inclined.

The tagline says it all: Harry Potter meets Riverdale, under the neon lights of Los Angeles. It’s too early to know much more about this one, but color me intrigued.

And last but not least, word from the DC sandbox is, there’s an upcoming title, under the new Black Label imprint, from Kelly Sue DeConnick (she of Bitch Planet and Captain Marvel fame) – Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons. A three book Homeric saga about the lost history of the Amazons, and Queen Hippolyta’s rise to power – with Phil Jimenez on art, no less. Um, HELL yes.

So there you have it! Lots of comic goodness for us to look forward to.