Meet Sarvenaz Tash, author of The Mapmaker and The Ghost

Welcome to the first post in a new series I’m calling The Debuts. Each post will introduce you to a brand, spanking new author you really should get to know.

First up, meet Sarvenaz Tash!

(And if you’re wondering how to pronounce her super-cool name, check it out here.)

Byrt: If one of the top Hollywood voice-over guys was narrating your book trailer (in a hammy Hollywood way), what would he say?

Sarvenaz: In a world where parents name you ridiculous fairy tale names…and your best friend has moved away and left you to deal with the upcoming ordeal of middle school all alone…and there are ghosts and nefarious kids and mysterious old ladies practically in your own backyard…well, one is bound to have an adventure, don’t you think?

Byrt: So what’s the story behind your story?

Sarvenaz: I had a dream about a girl named Goldenrod Moram and I woke up thinking about the kind of person who would have that name. It sounded like a name from a fairy tale to me, but I thought it would be interesting if, instead, it was the name of a real girl annoyed by the fairy tale connotations!

Byrt: If you like ________, you’ll like my book.

Sarvenaz: If you like The Goonies and Roald Dahl, you’ll like my book.

Byrt: The silliest/craziest author moment you’ve had so far?

Sarvenez: I was introduced to a group of authors I didn’t know and someone asked if I was the author of The Mapmaker and the Ghost. It blew my mind that someone knew my work before they knew me.

Byrt: Book you own with the most tattered, scotch-taped cover, the most battered spine? (And why you love it :)

Sarvenaz: I actually try very hard to keep my books in good shape even if I reread them a bunch! So although the covers and spines are looking fairly pristine, the books I’ve reread the most are the Harry Potter series. I think I’m on my 8th or 9th reread at this point.

Byrt: Book you’re reading right now?

Sarvenaz: Fair Coin by E.C. Myers Very fast-paced, intriguing YA fantasy/sci fi.

Byrt: Biggest Fangirl moment you’ve ever had?

Sarvenaz: Definitely when I very, very briefly met J.K. Rowling. When Deathly Hallows came out, my boyfriend won a Scholastic raffle to go to an event/signing. I had about 5 seconds to tell her how much she’s meant to me and my writing and I said it in a ridiculously shaky voice. She smiled and thanked me and I just about died.

Byrt: The TV show/movie you feel guiltiest admitting you love?

Sarvenaz: For some inexplicable reason, I have gotten sucked into Celebrity Apprentice this season, a show I never watched before and would never have guessed I had a desire to watch. I can’t stop watching it now though!

Byrt: First song lyric that comes to mind right now. Go.

Sarvenaz: “We belong to the night, we belong to the thunder.” (I’m going through a Pat Benatar phase.)

Byrt: What’s up next for you?

Sarvenaz: Working on more books! I have a couple of MGs and a YA in various stages of development.

Thanks again to Sarvenaz for stopping by the Yurt!

For more on all things Sarvenaz, check out her website here.

And you can watch The Mapmaker and The Ghost book trailer here.