Meet Jane Nickerson, author of Strands of Bronze and Gold

Jane Nickerson DUO

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Meet Jane Nickerson!

Byrt: If one of the top Hollywood voice-over guys was narrating your book trailer (in a hammy Hollywood way), what would he say?

Jane: It is 1855, and a world where an innocent, yet canny girl can find herself pitting her wits against a fascinating, mysterious, fabulously rich Frenchman. Strands of Bronze and Gold has it all – a luxurious setting, glamorous gowns, Mississippi summer humidity, romance, and TERROR.

Byrt: So what’s the story behind your story?

Jane: Has there ever been a story that haunted you after you read it? That’s how “Bluebeard” was for me when I first read it when I was about eight. I remember thinking, how is that a fairy tale? Anyway, a few years ago, I remembered it once more and wondered if anyone had done it in book length. A couple of authors (such as Kurt Vonnegut) had done something with it, but nothing like what I wanted to do. I wanted to write it sultry, sweet, romantic, and terrifying. So I did.

Byrt: If you like ________, you’ll like my book

Jane: If you like Jane Eyre spiced up, and without the boring parts, you’ll like my book.

Byrt: The silliest/craziest author moment you’ve had so far?

Jane: Since I’m still new at this, the craziest moment so far was a year and a half ago, when I got the phone call from my agent saying Knopf was buying Strands. My face went numb. I was shaking when I called my husband to tell him. I had to keep telling myself, this is real. Eventually I was able to start daydreaming about who I want to play M. Bernard when they make a movie of it, but at that moment it was like the weirdest dream ever.

Strands of Bronze and Gold BIGByrt: And now I’m dying to know, who would you cast as M. Bernard?

Jane:I’m thinking Gerard Butler with dark hair, like he had in Phantom of the Opera. If I could go back in time, I would choose Gabriel Byrne, but I fear he’s too old now. And if I could REALLY go back in time it would be Omar Sharif or Lawrence Olivier.

Byrt: Book you own with the most tattered, scotch-taped cover, the most battered spine? (And why you love it.)

Jane: The Ghost of Opalina. It was my most favoritest book in the world when I was in fourth grade. It’s about the ghost of a cat and goes through the nine generations of people who lived in the house it haunted. I hadn’t read it for twenty years and kept trying to find it to buy. Finally it showed up on Amazon. It was in lousy shape, but it was The Book. I paid over a hundred dollars for it (which my husband doesn’t know). Sadly, it had lost much of its magic when I re-read it, but I still love it.

Byrt: Book you’re reading right now?

Jane: Because this is December (which it was, back when Jane was kind enough to answer my questions), my rule is that I can only read Christmas books. Also, in December I’m allowed to read churned-out paperback romances. So – I’m ashamed to say that I’m reading Brides of Christmas.

Byrt: Biggest Fangirl/boy moment you’ve ever had?

Jane: I’m looking forward to having fans (other than my mother).

Byrt: The TV show/movie you feel guiltiest admitting you love?

Jane: Once again, this is December, so I’m watching every made-for-TV holiday movie I can find. Yesterday I watched The Christmas Cupid. As long as I watch them while I sit in the recliner next to the Christmas tree, wrapped up in an afghan crocheted by my mom, I’m happy.

Byrt: First song lyric that comes to mind right now. Go.

Jane: “Why don’t you love me like my dog does, Baby?” Strangely, my husband happens to be singing this very thing right now.

Byrt: What’s up next for you?

Jane: My second book, The Mirk and Midnight Hour, set in the same Mississippi County as Strands, and re-telling “The Ballad of Tam Lin,” will be out next year some time. So I’m working on revisions of it, and writing the third book, which may or may not be called Those Pale and Passed.

Thanks again to Jane for taking the time!

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