Grant Morrison’s Joe the Barbarian in development

Grant Morrison, the comic-book superstar who brought us Arkham: Asylum (which still creeps me out just thinking about it), finally has a project heading for the big screen – Morrison’s eight issue fantasy miniseries, Joe the Barbarian, has been picked up by Thunder Road Pictures (Clash of the Titans). The series, which Morrison created and wrote with Sean Murphy (co-creator and artist for DC Comics, under their Vertigo imprint), centers on a diabetic twelve year-old named Joe who gets pulled into a fantasy world during a diabetic shock. Inside the fantasy world, he’s identified as the lost savior of a prophecy. As the savior, he’s expected to save the other reality from a villain named King Death. In the “real” world, Joe attempts to survive a dangerous diabetic shock. No writer yet, as Morrison, sadly, won’t be writing the screenplay.