The weekly web ramble (2/20)

Links from the web jungle


– To no one’s surprise, J.K. Rowling continues to be awesome

The secret history of Harley Quinn

– Check out the lost Sherlock Holmes short (very short) story that was found in an attic


David Gerrold hits back at the idea that fuzzy-wuzzy thinking has spoiled nuts-and-bolts science fiction

– Ada Hoffmann shares a short but smart take on the problems with the discussion of female agency

Chuck Wendig explains why writing “strong female characters” isn’t enough

Elizabeth Moon on the dangers of attempting Mars


A Crown for Cold Silver

– Read the first seven chapters of A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall

Dove Arising

– Check out the first twenty five pages of Dove Arising by Karen Bao

The Devils Only Friend SMALL

– Read an excerpt from The Devil’s Only Friend by Dan Wells

Signs Point to Yes

– Check out the first fifty pages of Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall