Byrt’s weekly blog ramble (9/3)


– The real life intrigue of Stieg Larsson and his unpublished manuscript

Wired magazine on why e-books cost so much (Because authors need to eat)

The Orwell Diaries – daily posts of entries from Orwell’s diaries (my inner history nerd goes wild)

(9/1/40) Recently bought a forage cap. . . . . It seems that forage caps over size 7 are a great rarity.  Evidently they expect all soldiers to have small heads.  This tallies with the remark made by some higher-up to R.R. in Paris when he tried to join the army – “Good God, you don’t suppose we want intelligent men in the front line, do you?” All the Home Guard uniforms are made with 20-inch necks. . . . . Shops everywhere are beginning to cash in on the Home Guard, khaki shirts, etc., being displayed at fantastic prices with notices “suitable for the Home Guard.” Just as in Barcelona in the early days when it was fashionable to be in the militia.


Sarah Reese Brennan on negative reviews, by her and to her, HERE. (Hilarious!)

Jeff VanderMeer talks a smörgåsbord of things, HERE (Smart and nerdy, just how I like ’em)

Ann Aguirre talks Jax and Sci Fi with romance, HERE. (She loves Farscape too! Now I must read her series…)

Robin McKinley on myths and mytholoy HERE. (Because myths are cool)

Cassandra Clare talks Clockwork Angel HERE. (Sounds steampunky)

Brent Weeks talks The Black Prism in Seattle HERE. (After he had dinner with Terry Brooks)

– Short and sweet pass-the-question-baton between the magnificent seven of the 39 Clues: Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park and Margaret Peterson HaddixHERE. (A veritable love-fest. )


– Read the opening of Cherie Priest‘s Dreadnaught, the Boneshaker sequel, HERE

– Read the opening of Mara Purnhagen‘s Past Midnight, her new YA out this week, HERE

– Read an excerpt of William Gibson‘s Zero History HERE