Byrt’s weekly blog trail (8/27)

Byrt’s weekly ramble through the blogosphere – if it’s underlined, it’s a link!


– Kiersten White (author of the upcoming Paranormalcy) writes what is probably THE only   amusing Mockingjay post here – with this one post she convinced me to read her book. (Speaking of her book, you can read an excerpt here.)

Better Book Titles is a hilarious site that gives us more “accurate” titles for books

– Take  Jesse Peterson‘s quiz and find out how long your relationship would survive in the zombie apocalypse


– Sneek Peek at Blameless, Parasol Protecterate #3 by Gail Garriger – read the entire first chapter here. Just a few more days until it’s out!

– Sneek Peak at Torment, Lauren Kate‘s next Fallen book – you can read the first 18 pages here.

– The NY Times’ Pogue on the new Kindle.

Presenting Lenore’s list of upcoming dystopian YA releases – the Hunger Games wannabe avalanche begins!


– Terry Brooks chats with readers at B&N

Terry Brooks answers tons of fan questions

Nicole Peeler on snark

Like Jaye Wells, I seem to have become someone “known” for snark. And so, because we’re friends and because we like to hear our own voices, Jaye and I’ve had a few conversations (all of them snarky, por su puesto) in which we’ve attempted to define snark. During such sessions we’ve been drinking, but that has less to do with snark and more to do with wetting our whistles (or whetting our whistles into shivs, as the case may be)…

Brent Weeks answers questions from The Book Smugglers



Suzanne CollinsMockingjay book tour – full schedule HERE

Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, and Melissa Marr –  full schedule HERE

These three form the nucleus of the Smart Chicks Kick It! young adult authors tour and they’ll be joined by different guests at every stop, guests such as: Holly Black, Rachel Caine, Rachel Vincent, Margaret Stohl & Mary Pearson,  Melissa de la Cruz, Cassandra Clare, Jeri Smith-Ready, and MORE!

Kathy Reichs tour for Spider Bones – schedule HERE.

– Brent Weeks‘ The Black Prism book tour – full schedule HERE